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Sola Scriptura is the idea that the Bible is the final authority on what Christians believe and how we live. In this video, I’ll explain it simply, give some biblical reasons to support Sola Scriptura, and deal with some Catholic rebuttals to it. I’m hoping this is a charitable and gracious experience for everyone even though I know it will be hard stuff for some people to hear. I am convinced this is a huge issue because so many of the teachings of Roman Catholicism are not found in Scripture but in selected traditions. Some points from the video are.

1- Sola Scriptura is a natural understanding of what it means to have inspired Scripture.

2- In Old Testament times they were to test future teachers and teachings by the Scripture they had received.

3- in the New Testament the gospel, once communicated, was to be held to no matter who came to teach otherwise. This absolutely requires individual understanding of the gospel (which is in the New Testament) and the ability to tell any potential “authority” to take a hike.

4- challenges about denominations or the origin of the canon are not defectors for Sola Scriptura.

5- Striking Parallels between Catholicism and Pharisaism seem to demonstrate precedence for how to deal with supposed church authority when it ads tradition to the commands of God.

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